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  • When you are managing the publication of the article on the publishing platform, if the publisher verifies that your email address or affiliation belongs to the UPV and the journal is included in the transformative agreement, you will be given the option for your article to be financed by the University. In this list of journals included in transformative agreements you may check which ones are included in the agreement.
  • Before presenting your request, please check whether your article meets the UPV financing requirements, including the one establishing that the journal where it is published must be included in the Q1 or Q2. If so, you may request financing from the publisher's platform.
  • When the UPV grants or rejects your financing request, you will receive an email from the publisher informing you of the University’s decision.

The UPV’s refusal of a funding request for an article leaves two options: either the article is funded by the authors or other funders so that it is published in open access mode, or it is published in the traditional way, which generally implies final open access, through RiuNet, after an embargo period.

On the other hand, in order to facilitate the management and optimize the availability of the APCs, we ask you to notify the submission of articles, in its first phase (submission), to any of the journals included in the transformative agreements; please use the PoliConsulta channel for this purpose.

In you have any questions, contact us via PoliConsulta.

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