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Articles published in some Elsevier, Springer, Wiley and ACS journals can be financed by the UPV if they meet the following requirements, established by the UPV R & D and InnovationCommission on 14 July 2021:

  1. There must be available budget for financing, as the signed agreements include limitations on the number of articles and budget per year.
  2. The corresponding author and at least 50% of the authors of the article must be UPV staff, and their affiliation and correspondence e-mail must be in accordance with the official UPV regulations (BOUPV 14, March 2008 and BOUPV 119, October 2018).
  3. The journal where the article is published must be included in the signed agreements and in the Q1 or Q2 of the Journal Citation Reports.
  4. The UPV authors must not have already received funding for another article on the same year.
  5. A mention must be made, in the Acknowledgement section of the article, of the fact that it has received UPV funding, including these words: “Funding for open access charge: CRUE-Universitat Politècnica de València”.
  6. After publication, the article must be deposited in Senia for dissemination from the UPV institutional repository. Otherwise, the next request for funding by any of the UPV authors shall not be granted.

In you have any questions, contact us through PoliConsulta. More information

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