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DOI is an identifier for digital objects. It consists of a permanent link in the form of an alphanumeric code that uniquely identifies electronic content. This content may be a scientific article, an image, a book, a song or anything else, as long as it is an object in the digital environment. In this scientific context, articles that are in press (i.e. already available on online scientific journals' platforms but not yet included in a volume) are also assigned.

Unlike a URL, the DOI does not change over time, even if the article changes its address, as it contains the information in the form of metadata.

Its use is recommended when citing a work and in bibliographical references, since it ensures the item is retrieved immediately.

The University manages the assignment of DOIs to all theses read at the University, to the articles of journals published on the institutional portal PoliPapers, and to the datasets for communications to congresses published by UPV.