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Publishing in journals with a subscription business model that allow depositing in the institutional repository will not cost you anything, since the costs are covered by subscriptions; this is the so-called green road to open access, although the articles will generally be subject to a period of embargo.

Publishing in green road open access journals (i.e. without a subscription model) will often not cost you anything; check the free open access journals in DOAJ.  In other cases, the publishers will charge a series of costs, known as Article Processing Charges (APC); check in the DOAJ. All the journals found on this portal are quality checked and peer reviewed.

Visit the journal's website for specific cost policies.

APCs can be included as a research project expense if funding has been received from H2020 (section 6.2.D.3), the State Research Programme (article 20, section 7.g) or the València Regional Government's Research Subsidies (annex 9, base 4, section 3.d).