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Before publishing:

  • Check that the journal's policy on open access is compatible with your funder's requirements, and, if necessary, ask to sign an addendum that allows you to meet the requirements. If you envisage any problems, think about publishing in another journal.
  • If you are preparing a thesis by published works, ask for permission to include the articles, indicating that the thesis must be open access by legal imperative; you will receive authorization in most cases.

Once the work is published, as a member of the UPV community:

  • Upload your publications to Senia as soon as possible, preferably within one or two weeks of the date of publication.
  • Always upload the publisher file to Senia and indicate if it is an open access publisher version.
  • Always upload the author file to Senia, unless you have retained all rights to your article, for example, by paying an APC; in this case, only upload the publisher file.

The Library will review the data and check the publisher's open access policy, passing the entry to RiuNet as appropriate.