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You can see the Journal Impact Factor in the database Journal Citation Reports (JCR). You have to be at the UPV o have a VPN connection.

To access via PoliBuscador, type in the Journal Citation Report search box and click on Avalaible online.

Once in the JCR, you can search for the journal by title, ISSN, category or keywords.

Select the journal you are interested in from the search results.

First, you will find the general data of the publication, including the edition in which the journal is indexed (Science Citation Index Expanded).

In the next section, you will see the Journal Impact Factor of the current year, and data from other years in View all years.

Further on, the Rank by Journal Impact Factor is shown, with the following data: Edition, Categories, Quartile and Percentile.

More information in the Library guide on Accreditations and six-year research periods.