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HP Probook have the Office package and Acrobat Reader installed. Access to the other programs is through PoliLabs.

On the other hand, access to the software of the other laptop models may vary depending on the specific programme. Thus, depending on the form of access, we can find:

  • Locally installed programmes that do not need the UPV network (Windows, Mac)
  • Locally installed programmes that need the UPV network (Windows, Mac)
  • The laptops are configured for access to Polilabs. This website allows access to a desktop with most corporate applications installed.
  • Some applications that require the UPV network also need the X unit; there is a shortcut on the desktop to connect the X (if you have previously connected to the UPV network).

As stated in the regulations, students cannot modify system settings or install any new software.

Unlike all other notebook models, VPN is not configured on HP Probook notebooks. The user must configure it by following these instructions:

VPN con Microsoft Windows 11

To connect to the W drive from a Mac: