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Chapter II of the Intellectual Property Act envisages a series of exceptions or limits on exploitation rights; these limits are designed to promote culture, teaching and research. These exceptions allow a piece of work to be used under certain conditions, without the need to expressly ask the author for permission.

It is these limits that allow us to use other people's works with protected rights as part of our teaching, learning and research, and when we create our own works.

The limits that may interest you most as a member of UPV are:

  • Private copy of a work (art. 31). This allows an individual to make a copy of a disclosed work, provided it is for private use and has been accessed legally from a lawful source.
  • Citations and summaries and illustration for educational or scientific research purposes (art. 32).
  • The reproduction, distribution and public communication of small fragments of works and of isolated works of a visual or figurative photographic nature by university teachers (art. 32).

Remember that you must include the correctly referenced source when citing a work.