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Yes, booking a facility and not using it entails the sanction of disqualification for the reservation and cancellation of the reservations, as set out in the document "  Penalties for use of sports facilities ", unless you have paid the fee for the facility.

The sanction is the cancellation of the reservations that the user has made and the disqualification for the reservation during 15 days, in the sport discipline in which he/she has been sanctioned.

How do I prove that I have used the facility?

If you have a reservation, you must validate the use of the facility by typing the ID number on the touch screens available at the entrance hall of the sports buildings.

The use of the facility can be validated 30' before to 30' after the start time of the reservation.

In case to have some problem in the validation, direct you to the sports staff, since in case of not validating the use of the installation can involve a sanction.