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The person who made the reservation must be in the facility during the period of time allocated since he/she is the person responsible for the same.

If such person can not be present, the use of the facility may be delegated to another person through the intranet.

Otherwise, the holder of the reservation may be sanctioned.

The staff of sports facilities of the UPV makes continuous revisions in the facilities and can ask the users of a facility to identify themselves to verify that the use is appropriate.

A reservation can delegate to another user so that this can use it. The delegation of a reservation can make whenever the user to delegate fulfil the same conditions that the proprietary user of the reservation. That is to say, if the owner is partner of sports, the user to the that delegates him the reservation also has to be it. If the owner is not partner of sports has to belong to a valid community of the UPV and the user to the that delegates has to to be partner or belong also to a valid community of the UPV.

A delegation can make or modify always before the last fifteen minutes to the beginning of the hour of the reservation. Spent this time can not modify the delegation of the reservation.

That is to say if have a reservation to the 20:00 hours, can delegate it until the 19:45 hours