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When transacting the tall of sports member, so much face-to-face like on-line, there are three options of payment:

  • Bank receipt : It issues a receipt that has to credit in a branch of Bankia. (The tall is effective to the deft days to having made the payment)
  • Direct debit : It indicates an account number in which the UPV will effect a charge. (You are partner from this instant)
  • Credit card : Through pin pad if you pay in cash or by terminal TPV when you pay on-line. (You are partner from this instant)

Please bear in mind the terms of validity of the membership registration in each of the periods since, in order to enjoy the services from the first day of the period, the registration option is available before the beginning of the period, but it will not be effective until the first day of the period.

(Example: I register on 3 September for the first semester = immediate registration or on the next working day after payment in case of payment in cash. I register on 15 January for the second semester = the registration is not effective until 1 February.)