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Cambio de centro de venta

Personalización de la página principal



Relación de iconos posibles

Hola, os adjunto el enlace con los iconos válidos. Recordad que los iconos se deben añadir sin el “fa-” con el que comienzan.



Iconos pasados a properties

align-center, align-justify,  align-left,  align-right , angle-double-down ,  angle-double-left,  angle-double-right, angle-double-up, archive, area-chart, arrow-circle-o-down, arrow-circle-o-left, arrow-circle-o-right, arrow-circle-o-up, asterisk, at, ban, bank, bar-chart, barcode, bars, bell, bell-o, binoculars, bitbucket, bold, book, bookmark, bookmark-o, briefcase, building-o, bullseye, bus, calculator, calendar, calendar-o, camera, car, cart-arrow-down, cart-plus, cc, cc-visa, certificate, chain, check, check-circle, check-circle-o, check-square, check-square-o, chevron-circle-down, chevron-circle-left, chevron-circle-right , chevron-circle-up, chevron-down, chevron-left, chevron-right, chevron-up, child, circle-o, circle-thin, circle-o-notch, circle-thin, clipboard, clock-o, close, cloud-download, cloud-upload, code, codepen, cog, cogs, columns, comment , comment-o, comments, comments-o, compass, compress, copy, copyright, credit-card, crop, cube, cubes,, cut, dashboard, database, dedent, desktop, download, edit, empire, envelope, envelope-o, eur, exchange, exclamation, external-link, eye, fax, female, file, file-archive-o, file-code-o, file-excel-o, file-image-o, file-o, file-pdf-o, file-photo-o, file-text-o, file-word-o, file-zip-o, files-o, filter, floppy-o, folder-o, folder-open-o, font, ge, gear, gears, graduation-cap, group, history, home, image, inbox, indent, info, info-circle, institution, italic, keyboard-o, laptop, line-chart, link, list, list-ol, list-ul, location-arrow, lock, mail-forward, mail-reply, mail-reply-all, male, map-marker, minus-square-o, mobile, money, navicon, newspaper-o, outdent, paperclip, paragraph, paste, pencil-square-o, phone, picture-o, pie-chart, play-circle-o, plus-square-o, power-off, print, puzzle-piece, qrcode, question, quote-left, quote-right, ra, random, rebel, recycle, refresh, remove, repeat, reply, reply-all, retweet, road, rocket, rotate-left, rotate-right, rss, save, scissors, search, search-minus, search-plus, share, share-alt, share-square-o, shield, shopping-cart, sign-in, sign-out, signal, sitemap, sliders, sort-alpha-asc, sort-alpha-desc, sort-amount-asc , sort-amount-desc, square-o, stack-exchange, stack-overflow, star, star-half-empty, star-o, steam, street-view, subscript, suitcase, superscript, table, tag, tags, th, th-large, th-list, thumb-tack- thumbs-o-down, thumbs-o-up, ticket, times-circle-o, toggle-down, toggle-left, toggle-off, toggle-on, toggle-right, toggle-up, trash-o, truck, university, unlike, unlock, unlock-alt, usd, user, user-plus, users, wrench

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