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Our current regulation states the PhD students must pass an annual evaluation measuring the progress of the research plan.

During the month of June, and regardless of the date of first enrollment, the doctoral student will make an annual self-evaluation report of the progress of his research plan and experiences in the doctoral program.

This report will be reviewed by the thesis supervisor during the first fortnight of July. At this point, the director or tutor may request the improvement of the report to the doctoral student (student will have 5 additional days to do so).

The Academic Committee of the doctoral programme will evaluate the student report together with the supervisors notes and the students academic record in September. The positive evaluation will be an essential requirement to continue in the program.

In case of negative evaluation, which should be duly motivated, the doctoral student must be evaluated again within six months (second fortnight of December), for which purpose he will prepare a new research report, reviewed by the thesis supervisor and / or tutor (January).

In the event of a new negative evaluation (February), the doctoral student will not be able to continue with the thesis development.

You can find more details about the process in this link.