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As established by the Spanish Royal Decree 99/2011 (Article 11.6), before the end of the first year, the PhD student will develop a research plan that will include at least the methodology to be used and the objectives to be achieved, as well as the means and temporary planning to achieve it. This plan can be improved and detailed throughout the development of the thesis and must be validated by the Director (or the tutor).

The research plan should be uploaded through the software tool (Menu : "Writing phase -- Request research plan").

You must complete different fields (thesis title, background and current status, bibliography, hypothesis and objectives, methodology to be used, means to be used, time planning and research utility ...).

Once the approval is requested, the plan will be reviewed by the thesis supervisors (director). Once validated by them it will by studied, and approval, if applicable, by the Academic Committee of the doctoral program.

The approval of the research plan should not be requested if you find there are incorrect data related with your thesis (such as the absence or erroneous assignment of directors). In this case, please request their correction to the Doctoral School.