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UPV offers a total of 30 doctoral programs within the fields of Agri-Food and Biotechnology, Architecture, Art, Science, Economics and Social Sciences, Civil Engineering, Industrial Engineering and ICT.

 In this link you can find the current offer of doctoral programs of this university structured by fields of knowledge.

The information that is offered for each of the programs is very broad. Clicking on the program of your interest you will obtain general and specific information related to it.

You should bear in mind that most programs recommend preparing a research plan (or thesis project) prior to applying for admission and many of them a director (supervisor/tutor) already arranged.

In case you do not have a director or tutor, you can find information about research lines and research groups in the "PhD Organization" section. Each research group shows the list of researchers assigned to it, including the contact data for all them.

The information included in the following sections is also very important:

  • "Program access information"
  • "Development of the doctorate" - "Specific and Transversal training activities.